Wednesday, April 04, 2007


About Time

It seems that gone are the days when physics is some set of unfathomable figures and theories for the select minds. As the scientists over the years have discovered more and more about this natural phenomenon, we are now nearing the threshold where a new world culture is in view. A world where talks about energies and its levels, further mind explorations, and time-space continuum is spoken in everyday shop talks and such. Where individuals who have evolved into this open awareness do not need to find sanctuaries or be labeled as heretics and destroyers of established religion. Naturally, our world will open up and listen more.

However, this flow will only take place when fear is overcome. Individual and collective. As we observe around us, visionaries and teachers are letting themselves be heard as they strive to express the truth. This is one example of breaking down the walls of fear.

As our world turns and evolves, individual lives evolve. Consciousness develops and further develops. Awareness brings us to the center of our beings and our individual purpose. Love is always our check.

Many books have been written about the same message over and over again. Through time, generations, and cultures. Many versions of truth come out and cloud our understanding sometimes, but it brings one message---hope in this dwelling, love within that embraces throughout, faith that takes care of all.

to be continued...

Have a Blessed Easter!
19 February 2007
The Art Museum of South Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas


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