Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Almost Gone: The Blog

Too early...too late...?

It seems on this day, the arrival is too early to wait faithfully for the morning liftoff of the Ballunar Festival. So while finding and deciding on a view spot, joining some cars parked along the highway just outside the Johnson Space Center seemed like a fine idea. Soon, some microlight aircrafts were starting to dot the skies. Quite ideal for this person's purpose to also shoot some videos after ages of not doing so. After some clips have been taken, it eventually felt wiser to drive around more and see some of Clear Lake to spend the wait. And so it was done so.
Later on, the intent to go back to the NASA area was slowed down by the graying sky and assumption that the balloons could not possibly rise under this weather. But they did and the event was almost missed had going back was foregone.
At some point consciously and at another point otherwise, an awakened life is aimed for by all. And for an awakened life, there is no such thing as too early, too late. Every moment is right. Whether one is up, down, or in between. It tells us that waiting is to be celebrated as much as driving by, just cruising, or breezing through. Every moment, every second always has something for the mind, heart, body, and soul. Rain or shine, life goes on, life is lived. One does not even need an umbrella.
In this life though, there is no going back. And ironically, for those who keep going back, it spreads the living too thin, too easy to break. To live the day would definitely take care of the need to go back or the issue of where to go next.
Life is not the spectator of the is the event that is happening now. With or without a spectator, it lifts off as scheduled. The weather is just a matter of circumstance and it too shall pass as we all know.
In my own life, I have gone back a few times when I should not. At some point, I have also looked too far ahead when it was not time. And I am reminded of this today.
I guess this is all what I have to write about this day and these photographs.
26 August 2006
Ballunar Liftoff Festival
Nassau Bay, Texas